Draft Guidelines for creation of exam questions:

  1. Review and identify the goals of the assessment. Are there extraneous words or questions which do not add to the overall assessment of the student?
  2. Use segmentation to reduce element interactivity where possible. Assess skills in isolation and then integrate for a more complex question that will distinguish those with higher performance;
  3. Consider NESB students who will not necessarily draw connections between the plain English form of a word and the corresponding keyword;
  4. Use cues such as highlighting, underlining or bold to draw attention to the goal of the question, and reduce cognitive load created by search;
  5. Where possible, assess by using partially completed answers so just the assessable work is needed.

Glossaries for SQL Keywords

These glossaries can be provided as part of the exam (if you have a homogenous cohort) or provided in a central location a couple of weeks before an exam and be allowed to take in to the exam. Blank templates are used by students to provide glossaries for languages that are not available yet, or can be used to encourage students to build their own glossaries throughout the Semester.

Blank template

Azerbaijani Bengali German Hindi
Indonesian Mandarin Persian Russian
Tamil Telugu Vietnamese  





Important note: If you have popups blocked, you may not be able to access the glossaries. Please turn off this ad blocker for and then try again. If you would like to provide more glossaries that would be much appreciated. We hope to provide glossaries and other materials for other technical areas soon.  We will be adding more resources to this page, for new languages and other areas of technical courses so please check back soon.